The process of setting up ApS

2Process of setting up ApS company

The typical process for setting up a limited liability company (ApS) in Denmark is as follows:

  1. Preparation of the incorporation document and articles of association.
  1. Signing of the incorporation documents and articles of association by the founders. This can also be done with a digital signature.
  1. Receipt by the founders of documentation for the payment of share capital of at least DKK 40,000. This procedure can be carried out efficiently in the klientkonto account of the lawyer chosen by the founders.
  1. Registration of the company on, by entering all necessary company information and attaching incorporation documents, articles of association and capital documentation. In addition, a payment of DKK 670 to the Danish Business Authority is necessary. Importantly, the incorporation document must be added to the Danish Business Authority’s IT system within two weeks of signing it. Otherwise, registration will not be possible.
  1. Once registered, the owners of the company will receive a registration confirmation from the Danish Enterprise Authority, which includes the company identification number (CVR).
  1. A company owner’s ledger must then be created.
  1. The company owners shall contact the bank to open a bank account for the company, where the CVR number, the owner’s book and the identity card of at least one owner will be required. Often the bank will also require a business plan.
  1. Once the company owners are informed of the new company account, they conduct a transfer of the company’s capital to the new account.