Selection of ApS industry

All Danish companies, including a limited liability company, must have an industry code. When registering your company, you will be asked to select an industry in line with your business. This is to inform others exactly what the business does. If the company operates under several industries, it is possible to register additional industries as well.

The industry of ApS company

The main industry, as the name suggests, describes the company’s main, most important activity, i.e. the one that generates the most added value. It is up to the entrepreneur to choose to which industry he decides to assign the business. The choice of the main industry is relevant, among other things, to formalities such as the obligation to pay taxes or VAT. This applies both at the time of commencement of the business and when changing the industry during the course of the business, as well as when expanding the business into several areas. When an activity other than the one previously considered as the main activity becomes dominant over a long period of time, the company’s main industry must be officially changed.

An additional industry describes another activity of the company if the business operates in more than one industry. It is possible to register a maximum of three additional industries. The obligatory addition of additional industries only takes place if the subsidiary activity accounts for at least 10% of the company’s total turnover and at least 300,000 kroner per year. However, due to the requirements of other authorities, it is possible to register additional industries even if these conditions are not met.