Private consulting services in Denmark

Private consulting services in Denmark

In the fast-changing world of business, the right advice is critical to success. We offer a wide range of private consulting services. Laws and official matters in Denmark can be difficult and complicated. With us, you can get the documents you need, settle your income, take advantage of tax benefits and handle many other matters.

Consulting for individuals staying, starting or ending work in Denmark

We offer comprehensive support for private individuals residing in Denmark, helping you with all formalities. For individuals residing in Denmark, we offer assistance with:

  • Tax settlement
  • Completing applications for benefits
  • Applications and appeals
  • Filling out applications for health insurance cards
  • Filling out applications for feriepenge payments
  • Filling out the application for re-registration

For individuals starting work in Denmark, we offer advice on:

  • Obtaining a residence permit in Denmark (SIRI) and support with registering in Denmark
  • Obtaining a CPR number
  • Obtaining a yellow insurance card (sunhedskort)
  • Obtaining or changing a tax card (skattekort)
  • Danish immigration procedures (SIRI, CPR, Skattekort, etc.)

For those ending or who have ended their employment in Denmark, we offer advice on:

  • Formalities related to deregistration and termination of tax liability
  • Settling all other formalities related to the termination of residence in Denmark
  • Obtaining payment of pension contributions if you leave Denmark permanently

Tax consulting in Denmark for individuals

The regulations regarding international taxation are complex and established by various states and organizations, which can sometimes lead to very high tax expenses. In the worst-case scenario, the same income might be taxed twice. Due to Denmark’s high taxes in certain areas and low taxes in others, a well-crafted fiscal strategy can yield substantial financial benefits. Effective management of your tax obligations is key to your financial stability. We provide support in understanding local tax laws and ensuring compliance with applicable regulations so you can focus on your priorities. Our tax consulting services include:

  • Consultation in the area of tax consulting for an individual
  • Understanding local tax regulations
  • Ensuring compliance with applicable regulations

Career consulting in Denmark for an individual

Career planning and professional development can be challenging, especially in a new environment. Our career counseling services in Denmark include:

  • Advice on career development and acquiring new qualifications
  • We do not engage in job placement

Why Choose Our Services?

a) Experience and Professionalism
Our team consists of experienced professionals. We guarantee a professional approach and the highest quality of services.

b) Individual Approach
We offer personalized solutions, tailored to the specific needs and goals of our clients.

c) Innovation
We constantly follow the latest trends and innovations to provide our clients with modern and effective solutions.

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