NemKonto for ApS

A NemKonto is a special bank account in Denmark that is used to receive payments from public authorities, such as tax refunds or various types of benefits. Once your company has been issued with a CVR number, you should ask your bank to assign a NemKonto to it. This can be an existing account you already have, or you can choose to open a completely new account. Whichever option you ultimately decide on, NemKonto must be assigned to the company’s limited liability company account. This is part of the Danish public banking system, which aims to facilitate and simplify the flow of funds from public authorities to companies.

Nemkonto for ApS

NemKonto has many advantages. All public institutions use company NemAccounts to transfer funds, making it a convenient solution. You only need to enter your bank account details once, so all institutions can transfer payments to your company’s NemKonto immediately. Using NemKont also translates into a reduction in the number of erroneous transfers, which is mutually beneficial. In addition, public institutions save time and money because they have less work to do in updating their data.

Companies also have the option of making payments themselves through NemKonto. For example, funds can be transferred to other companies’ NemKonto accounts or wages can be paid to employees’ private NemKonto accounts. To use this function, the company must first be linked as a private payer to the NemKonto account.