Starting a company in Denmark usually involves a number of questions.

What taxes will I have to pay? When do I have to file my VAT returns? What form of company should I choose to make the business profitable? Do I need to use an accounting system to record documents? If so – which program should I choose? How do I set up a bank account in Denmark?
These and many other questions are the normal beginning of the road in business in Denmark. Contacting an experienced partner right at the beginning of the road will help you deal with a number of formalities much faster and more efficiently.
Our experts will help you choose the right form of doing business in Denmark. They will point out the pros and cons of the various tax structures, as well as point out how your company’s finances affect your personal taxes. They’ll tell you what MitID is and why it’s a good idea to get a national email box up and running as soon as possible. We have a broad spectrum of knowledge in not only tax and accounting, but also employee issues, registering entities or generally navigating the Danish market.
knowledge – more than a thousand satisfied customers
experience – more than 15 years in the industry
efficiency – we always look for solutions that are optimal for your business
online – we are available regardless of your current location