Closing a company is a complicated process with many steps. We will help you through the process so that you complete all the formalities in accordance with Danish regulations. It is important to perform the procedure in order. This will preserve access to online systems and avoid any later burden of taxes, duties or fees. Note that if at some point the entrepreneur decides that they want to reopen the business – they will receive the same CVR number as before.
In the case of both a company and a sole proprietorship, we will take care of all the most important steps, more specifically:
1. Maintain access to the company’s Digital Post after the company closes.

When a company closes, its NemID is deactivated, and with it access to Digital Post. However, messages can still be sent to the company’s Digital Post even after the company is closed. Before it closes, therefore, you should configure access accordingly so that you can continue to be able to use the company’s digital mail even after the company closes.

2. Check the company’s tax account.

Before you close the company, you need to go to Skattekonto to verify the status of reports and payments. This is where you can check that everything is as it should be. Among other things, you can check that you’ve reported everything you need to, so you can avoid paying too much in taxes, such as VAT or A-skat when you close the company.

3. Filling out the closing form.

Next, formally close the business and obtain a closing certificate, which may be needed in the future for a bank or unemployment insurance fund, for example.

4. Pay taxes.

Należy upewnić się, że złożono w terminie raporty za wszystkie okresy do dnia zamknięcia firmy.
Opóźnienie może kosztować nawet 800 DKK. Należy złożyć raport końcowy, nawet jeśli za dany okres wyniesie on 0 DKK. Przed zamknięciem firmy trzeba uregulować kwestie VAT, płac, podatków, listy wynagrodzeń, akcyzy lub potencjalnie innych danin i świadczeń na rzecz duńskiego państwa.

5. Advance tax return adjustment.

When you close your business, you should adjust the profit in your tax return to pay the correct tax on an ongoing basis.

6. Submit oplysningskema and prepare skatteregnskab.

Calculate the company’s profit and loss, and prepare a tax return for the period from January 1 to the day the company closes. Items that are moved out of the company or sold to others should be included in the profit or loss. This can include computers, inventory, furniture, cars or machinery. Note that the result on oplysningskema can only be declared in the year following the closing of the business. The deadline is July 1. There is a penalty of 200 kr. for each day of delay (up to a maximum of 5,000 kr.) for missing the deadline.