Capital contribution (deposit) when setting up an ApS company

If you are planning to set up a limited liability company (ApS), a key step is to deposit the share capital of DKK 40,000. There are various ways to make this payment. One is to contribute your own assets to the company. You can choose to put assets into the company, such as a company car or equipment used in the business. Alternatively, you have the option of contributing the value of another existing business that you would like to convert into an ApS. For example, if you have a sole trader, you could convert it into a limited company and its value would be counted as start-up capital. However, such a business transformation usually requires the assistance of an accountant to help prepare the necessary declarations regarding the value of the contributed business.

Capital contribution when creating ApS

If you want to use the assets as start-up capital instead, you will need to use an accountant to assess the value of the assets. For example, if you have a special camera worth DKK 25,000, you can invest it in the company, which means that only the remaining DKK 15,000 in share capital remains to be paid in. It is worth remembering, however, that the assets contributed to the company must be of real relevance to the company’s operations, as their private use may have tax consequences. It is therefore advisable to consult a financial expert or lawyer before taking such a step, in order to ascertain all aspects and consequences of such a decision.

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