Articles of Association of ApS

The Articles of Association of a limited liability company (ApS) is an indispensable document that sets out the framework for the operation of the business. It provides a set of rules and regulations that apply to the operation of the company. Although the Articles of Association of a limited liability company usually have a fairly standard form, it is possible to make individual provisions in the Articles of Association that will only apply to a particular company. There is, however, a requirement that these provisions are closely related to the company’s business and are of material importance to the business.

Articles of Association in ApS

The articles of association are a document that is binding on all owners of the company and are also subject to public disclosure.

The minimum requirements for the content of the articles of association include:
– the name and any additional names of the company,
– the purpose of the company’s activities
– the amount of share capital (which must be at least DKK 40,000),
– the number of capital shares or their nominal value (unit value),
– the governance structure of the company, including information on the existence of a board of directors or management,
– the procedures for convening a shareholders’ meeting,
– the company’s financial period.

In addition, it is always worth considering whether other key issues, such as, for example, the company’s representation rules, should also be included in the articles of association.

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