ApS founding document

The preparation of an incorporation document is necessary for the registration of a Danish limited liability company (ApS). The founders must sign this document in order to officially confirm the incorporation of the company. The incorporation document may contain various provisions, both mandatory and optional.

ApS founding document

Mandatory elements of the limited liability company incorporation document:

– Founders: The name, surname, address and possible identification number of the founders are required. Individuals must be listed by name, while legal entities must provide the company name, identification number and address.

– Issue rate: The rate to be paid for new shares in the company is specified here. This rate is used, for example, when the company’s share capital is increased.

– Accounting commencement date: This is the date on which the company starts to keep its accounts, i.e. the beginning of the financial year.

– Commencement date: Determines when the company acquires legal capacity. If it is not specified, the legal capacity of the company follows the signing of the incorporation document by the founders.

– Deadlines: Indicate when shares in the company must be taken up and when payments must be made.

Optional elements of a limited liability company incorporation document:

– Special rights or benefits: Special rights or benefits for the parties involved, e.g. the founders of the company, can be described here.

– A contribution in kind: If the company is not established solely with monetary contributions, this should be included in this section. An in-kind contribution can, for example, be a contribution of movable or immovable property.

– Exclusion of audit: If desired, the audit of the company can be waived, but this only applies to companies below a certain size.

– Contracts: Describes whether there are agreements with the founders or others that may impose certain financial obligations on the company.

Please note that the above elements are only suggestions for optional content, so this is not a complete list. Ultimately, it is up to the founders to decide whether the optional elements that are important to them are included in the founding document.

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