ApS annual report

Every Danish limited liability company (ApS) is required to submit an annual financial report, accompanied by the relevant documents. The responsibility for preparing and submitting the report lies with the board of directors, also known as the company’s management.

ApS annual report

A limited liability company is subject to the Financial Reporting Act, which divides companies into different classes. This division determines what requirements are placed on ApS in the context of filing its annual report. Generally, an ApS falls into Class B, which means that its annual report should include:
– a management report (if the board has more than one member),
– balance sheet,
– profit and loss account,
– the opinion of the board of directors,
– accounting practices.

Reporting class B is divided into two categories: reporting class B and reporting class B for micro-enterprises. Both categories have to comply with almost the same requirements for the annual report/financial statements, but micro-enterprises are exempt from the obligation to send accounting practices that the other companies in class B have to show.

If you can answer affirmatively to the following three points, your ApS company belongs to Class B for micro-enterprises:

1. My company ApS had in the last two financial years:
– a balance sheet of a maximum of 2.7 million kroner,
– a net turnover of maximum SEK 5.4 million.
2. My company ApS had in the last financial year:
– a maximum of 10 full-time employees.

The deadline for filing annual reports with the corresponding financial statements for limited liability companies is at the latest six months after the last day of the company’s ApS financial year. This means that the annual report must be submitted by 30 June at the latest if the limited liability company’s financial year corresponds to the calendar year from 1 January to 31 December. The annual report must be filed on Virk.dk, under „Regnskab-basis”.

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