Application for change of address in Denmark

Application for change of address in Denmark

Registering an address in a foreign country can be stressful and full of paperwork. Many people choose to work and settle abroad, and Denmark is one of the more popular countries.  When you arrive in Denmark, you’ll need to register your residence at the local municipality office (Kommune). You will need to present an identity document, such as a passport or ID card, to confirm your identity and place of residence.

If you are planning to move to Denmark, our company offers comprehensive assistance with the entire registration and relocation process. We realize that dealing with paperwork in a foreign country can be stressful and time-consuming. Our goal is to make the process easier for you so that you can focus on other aspects of your life and work.

Registering address in Denmark

If you plan to live and work in Denmark for more than three months, you must register your address with Folkeregister. Having a registered address in Denmark brings many advantages, such as the ability to apply for Danish unemployment benefits (A-kasse), for which a Danish address is required.

To register in Denmark, you must actually live primarily in Denmark, which precludes having two parallel residences. It is also necessary to have premises where you can register, and you should always be registered at the address where you actually reside.

When you arrive in Denmark, register your address with the local municipality. You will need an identity document, such as a passport or ID card. When you register, you will be given a CPR number, which is necessary to use many public services in Denmark, including health care.

Process of address registration
Process of address registration in Denmark is done at the local municipality office. To do this, you need to:

  1. Go to the municipal office (Kommune): Choose the closest office to where you reside.
  2. Prepare documents: You will need to show an identity document, such as a passport or ID card.
  3. Obtain a CPR number: When you register, you will be given a CPR number, which is necessary to use public services such as health care.

It is worth noting that those staying in Denmark for less than 3 months do not need to register. In addition, job seekers can stay in the country for up to 6 months without registering. However, if you plan to stay longer, you must go to the State Administration Office and register in the system to obtain the appropriate certificate. This process must be started within 3 months of arriving in Denmark, which will allow you to stay in the country legally.

After receiving the certificate, further registration with the Central Register of Persons (CPR) will be necessary. This must be done within five days of receiving the certificate at the nearest Population Registration Office in the municipality where you live. During this visit we will receive:

  • health insurance (thanks to the EU resident certificate obtained),
  • the possibility to use Danish medical services on the same terms as Danish citizens,
  • a yellow card (health insurance card), which contains, among other things, contact information for the doctor of your choice.

A professional accounting office can be very helpful in filling out all the necessary forms. Using such a service can save you time and nerves, as well as provide you with additional information on the formalities of staying in Denmark.

It is worth noting that to work legally in Denmark, we need more than just a residence permit and a CPR number. A tax card (the so-called TAX card) is necessary for the employer to pay us a salary. This card can be obtained from the SKAT tax office, and it will be issued electronically. To obtain it:

  • Contact the SKAT tax office: Fill out an application online or in person at the office.
  • Obtain a tax card: The card will be issued electronically and is necessary for your employer to pay your salary.

During the registration process, you will receive a CPR number and be registered at the address provided. However, if you plan to change your address, you can do it yourself online using NemID at Be sure to notify the local authorities of your change of address within 5 days.

How do I apply for a change of address in Denmark?

You are required to report your change of address within five days of moving. If you report your change of address after this period, you may be subject to a fine. You can report your change of address up to four weeks in advance of your moving date. You can also report a change of address for other individuals residing at your current address if you are moving to the same new address. Your new address will be officially registered on the date you have specified as your actual moving date.

When you move, you have the option to select a new General Practitioner (GP/family doctor) at no cost. A new health insurance card will be sent to you automatically about 14 days after your change of address is recorded. Ensure that your name is on your mailbox, as failure to do so may result in the card not being delivered, requiring you to collect it at Citizen Service.

When you report your change of address, PostNord (the Danish postal service) is automatically notified. You need to inform your employer, bank, subscription services, memberships, associations, dentist, and other relevant parties about your address change.

Step by step:

  1. Log in to the website:
    • Go to and log in with NemID.
  1. Select the appropriate category:
    • Select “Bolig og flytning” in the menu on the left.
    • Then click “Flytning.”
    • Select “Når du skal flytte.”
    • Click “Anmeld flytning til folkeregistret.”
    • Click “Start.”
  1. Before clicking “Start”, select the municipality you are moving to in the gray bar on the right next to the login button.
  2. Overview of move history:
    • After clicking “Start,” you will be taken to a page with your move history. Click the “Næste” button.
  1. Enter the details of the move:
    • Indicate who is moving and enter the spouse’s or partner’s CPR number if family is involved. Click “Næste.”
  1. Entering a new address:
    • Select the date of the move, enter the new address and click “Næste”.
  1. Note: If you can’t find your new address in the proposed list, you probably selected the wrong municipality.
  2. Selecting a new doctor:
    • On the next page, you can select a new doctor by clicking “Skift læge.” A map and a list of available medical practices in the new location will automatically appear. Select a doctor by clicking “Vælg” next to his name and then “Næste.”
  1. Confirm data:
    • Enter your contact information, check all information and confirm by clicking “Bekræft”.

Additional information:

  1. New Yellow Card:
    • When you change to a new address, you will receive a new Yellow Card for your current address. The old card must be destroyed.
  1. Leaving Denmark permanently:If you are leaving Denmark permanently, you must inform the relevant authorities of your departure.
    • Following these steps and cautions will ensure that the Danish re-registration process is carried out correctly.

You may incur a fine if you:

  • Do not report your change of address on time: 945 kr. (2024)
  • Fail to submit the required information about your change of address: 2,625 kr. (2024)
  • Provide incorrect information about your change of address: 2,625 kr. (2024)
  • The fine will be sent to you via digital post. If you are exempt from receiving digital post, the fine will be sent by regular mail.

In certain municipalities, registering a new address online is not possible. In these cases, you must contact the municipality’s citizen service. This applies if you:

  • Are moving from an unknown address to a fixed address or vice versa
  • Are being released from prison and need to move to a new address
  • Are conscripted.