All businesses in Denmark are subject to the Accounting Act and are required to book and record the company’s actual transactions in a timely manner. On this basis, taxes are calculated, the payment of which is the responsibility of every entrepreneur. Therefore, it is important to properly document and account for income and expenses. In the event of an audit, the Danish tax authority or other institutions may demand documents proving the company’s financial flows. It may also happen that the company will be required to grant access to an online accounting program in order to verify the way in which the accounts are kept. Proper bookkeeping is therefore essential to meet this obligation. The basis for calculating profit on an annual basis is the financial statements filed after the end of the fiscal year. Every income or expense must be recorded electronically in an accounting program, in a systematic and organized manner.
We provide comprehensive services in accounting, human resources and payroll, as well as annual tax returns. We work with small as well as medium and large companies. We are available to entrepreneurs throughout Denmark because we operate online. This way you don’t waste time driving physically to the office and can effectively focus on your work.
Your task is to send us once a month the documents confirming your company’s transactions: statements, expense invoices, income invoices and receipts, and we will make sure that everything is recorded in accordance with the Danish Accounting Act.
You will receive support from an experienced team of professionals who have been helping Polish entrepreneurs in Denmark for years. We keep abreast of changes in regulations so that you can have peace of mind.
timeliness – we always make sure that everything is settled on time
experience – more than 15 years in the industry, more than a thousand satisfied customers
Speed – we respond to emails within 24 hours at the latest
Online – we are available no matter what region of Denmark you operate in